New Year, New Horizons


With the new year comes the chance to reassess life. It’s easy for us humans to be creatures of habit which is why the new year can offer a much-needed little shake-up.
And so you might consider attempting a new type of holiday. Simply to try something different and create unique memories.

FT Mascot Camping

You may already have major holiday plans this year. Ringing in the changes doesn’t have to be drastic! “Micro-holidays” (to coin a term for short break!!) can be the best!
Last year we tried an alternative type of holiday for us. Off grid (well, except for a few lights and a hot shower of course) with few mod cons. What would have been a challenge if undertaken for a whole week, became a magical 2 nights of cooking on the bonfire, outdoor showering and wood fired hot-tubbing - the overall feeling was of a little adventure with big smiles all round!
The year before we went to our first family festival – again, only for 3 days but totally out of our comfort zone. The risk paid off though and it was a magical experience we will never forget.
So, why not try something new this year – it needn’t be a long trip away, but make it different, make it memorable!  
For a similar experiences – look up Just So Festival and Canopy & Stars 

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