Why we do really need to use Child Car Seats


Do we really need to use Child Car Seats? YES! YES! YES! is our answer, not surprising given who we are. But why are we asking the question?
You might be surprised to hear that legally we do not need to provide any child car seats at all and babies, toddlers and children are permitted to travel without the correct restraint.


Of course we believe that what’s important is that all young children travel in the safest possible way and for this reason it is vital to use the correct child car seats.
However, unfortunately most transfer and taxi companies are using a loophole to absolve themselves from the need to provide a car seat or at most to provide them on an unreliable, ad hoc basis. As the law stands in the UK and across many European countries, it is perfectly legal for young children to travel in Private Hire Vehicles (like ours) and in taxis, if the driver does not have the correct car seat.
This to us seems madness! Being a family run business, we were borne from the experiences of travelling ourselves and having to deal with the stress and anxiety of unsafe travel with little ones. For us it’s not about what the minimum legal requirements are, but more about what us as parents feel is safe for our children. It may not always be easy for our drivers to make sure they are carrying the right car seats, and keeping them stored and well maintained is a consideration, but we feel these are all worthwhile to ensure that our families receive the safest and best service possible. 

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